Wreck Diver

R5 600

Ships, airplanes and even cars are fascinating to explore and usually teem with aquatic life. Each wreck dive offers a chance for a new discovery.

Sunken ships, planes and other man made structures form interesting exploration points under water. Besides the awe of being up close and being struck by history that lead to such a such, you will be bombarded by the aquatic wild life that propagate and flourish on and in the these wrecks. Each wreck dive offers a chance for discovery, potentially unlocking a mystery or spying something others have missed. The PADI Wreck Diver Specialty course is popular because it offers rewarding adventures while observing responsible wreck diving practices.

If you’re at least 15 years old and have earned a PADI Adventure Diver certification or higher, you can enroll in the Wreck Diver Specialty course. You will learn safety considerations for navigating and exploring wrecks, surveying and mapping a wreck, using penetration lines and reels to guide exploration and techniques to avoid kicking up silt or disturbing the wreck and its inhabitants amongst other important things.


Age Requirement:
15 years or older
Course Prerequisites:
PADI Adventure Diver (or qualifying certification)
Time Commitment:
Approximately 2-4 hours

For bookings contact:

Vinayak Maharaj
1 King Shaka Avenue,
uSkaka Marine World, Durban, South Africa
Phone: +27 31 332 1153 | Cell: +27 82 469 4699