Backline Fishing in Durban has commonly become known as fishing done in the sheltered bay in front of the Durban Beachfront near uShaka on the northern side of the entrance to the Durban harbour.

Due to the north and south piers of the harbour entrance and the Bluff mountain it has created a sheltered and protected area that generally has flatter waters and so allows the opportunity to fish in mostly calm conditions and experience the open sea without the bigger waves and currents. On most days Backline is calm and sheltered but it can become rather choppy when the North East or East Wind (Beasterly Easterly) blows strong and the piers and mountain offer no shelter from this.

Backline Fishing is a great outdoor activity, it is best early mornings, late afternoons and evenings.

Sometimes we may go just south of the harbour if conditions allow, usually it is not as calm in this area as it is not sheltered but under certain conditions this area can be calm and the fishing is often good there.

Generally Backline Fishing targets small fish like Mackerel and Shad along with other smaller species on light tackle, on occasion we hook up something bigger and even sharks.