Discover scuba diving Pool R500
Shore entry R1 000
Boat entry R1 650
Aquarium dives R900
Scuba dive – Vetchies R250
Honeymoon Dive Package (Aquarium + video/photos) R4 500
 Tandem Scuba Diver R2 000
 Refresher  R900
 Open water padi digital
 Scuba diver  R4000
 Scuba diver to open  water  R2500
Advanced Scuba    Diver R4500
Rescue  R4000
Emergency first response (EFR) R1500
Dive Master R12 500
IDC including EFR & Materials  R29 900
MSDT  R5500
Open water to dive master package  R50 000
Open water to  instructor package R80 000
Tec 40 with materials R8500
Tec 45 no materials R6000
 Tec 50 no materials  R6000
 Sidemount  R4500


 Basic life support (BLS) and first aid  R1 200
 Basic life support Provider  R   650
 First Aid provider  R   650
 Oxygen Provider  R  800
 AED Provider  R  650
 HMLI Provider  R  650
 DEMP Provider  R2000
 NEURO Provider  R 650
Gear rental per person per day R350
Gear rental per person per item per day R85
Nitrox 12L R75
Nitrox 15L R85
Tec reefs and wreck dives – 75m R650
Tec reefs and wreck dives – 100m R850
 Air Fill  R60
Air Fill- Paintball  R30


Specialities R2 900
Boat diver (includes 2 boat dives) R1 950
Deep diver (includes 4 boat dives) R2 900
Nitrox R2 000
Night Diver R2 900
Peak Performance Buoyancy R2 900
Search & recovery R1 950
Underwater navigator R2 900
Underwater naturalist R2 000
Oxygen provider – theory R900
Nitrox Theory R1 650



Skipper Training Category C R8 000
Skipper Training Category R R3 000



Discover Snorkelling R350 per person
Snorkelling Tours R350 per person
Snorkelling Photoshoot R1000

Dive Packages

 Single Dive – open water  R400
 Single Dive – Advance water / Wreck Dive  R 450 / R500
 5 Dive package  R1 750
 10 Dive package  R3 500
 15 Dive package  R5 250
 20 Dive package  R7 000